Past and future public speaking and hosting engagements

Richard Lucas February 2018

This is a list of events I have spoken at, hosted and/or organised, and am going to speak at or organise in the future.

If I believe I can genuinely contribute to an event,  I welcome invitations. Before contacting me, please read this .

I used to have a section on my Linkedin profile called  “Professional sometimes pro-bono Speaker/Panelist/Event host.   Linkedin limits the number of characters. Hence this post.

I made my first stage appearance when  I was about 10  year old in Oxford a long time ago. I haven’t kept good records.  My specialities are in making events I speak at, or host: participant focussed, high quality and fun.
I’ve written about this here. I am asked to speak about entrepreneurship, leadership and business.    TED and TEDx have helped me understand what a truly high class event and talk feels, looks and sounds like.


Forthcoming events

TEDxKazimierz Main Event 9th June

Light 4.0 May 24th

Infoshare Gdynia  May 22nd

TEDxKazimierzSalon 19th May

TEDxKazimierz Live 28th April

CAMentrepreneurs New York event 14th April

TEDFest NYC Pre-event 9-10th April

TEDxKazimierzSalon 28th March

TEDxWarsaw Pre Event 21st March

Krakow Enterprise Mondays 12 March

TEDxKazimierzSalon 28th February 2018 

 Entrepreneurs Club @JCC Krakow #2   27th February 2018


Past events

Spotkanie ASBiRO Kraków z Richardem Lucasem   14th Feb

Startup Weekend Kids Krakow  Jury  4th Febuary

JCC Krakow’s Entrepreneurship Club launch host 30th Jan

PAMI Conference Polish-American Innovation Bridge 2017  host 17-18th November

Zakonu Pijarów High School talk about TED , TEDx and TEDxKazimierz October 26th
Gimnazjum Ziarnko Maku  talk about Wojtek the Soldier Bear, TEDx and enterprise 25th October
Winchester College Studium Pluses and minus of going into business Wed 11 Oct
Embassy International School  talk about TED , TEDx and TEDxKazimierz  19 September
TEDxKazimierz events and meet ups since October 2015
CAMentrepreneurs from 12.2016
Krakow Enterprise Mondays 2016-present
Open Coffee Kraków co-host from 2013-present.

Mentor Kraków Wrocław Living Lab February 2017
The Roast of Richard Lucas Kraków Standup Comedy 22nd Jan 2017
Polish Student Societies Leadership Workshop December 2016
Jury at Krakow Smogathon November 2016
Poland 2:0 Summit London October 2016
Community Building Workshop at the TED Summit  Canada June 2016
Pre-TED Summit Event Calgary, Canada co hosted June 2016
Pre-TEDxWarsaw event March 2016 Co-host and organiser
Smart City Panelist, Change Leaders Foundation event, March 2016
Innovators’ Summit #4: Smart City / Smart Living Kraków November 2015
Krakow Innovation Swarm April 2015
Startup Sprint Silver Tsunami April 2014
Innovators’ Summit November 2014
Women’s Entrepreneurship Day November 2014
TechSaturdays: October 2014
Startup Sprint E-commerce June 2014
Startup Sprint March 2014
KrakSpot #16 January 2014
Christmas StartUp Mixer December 2013
TEDxKrakówCinema – entrepreneurship December 2013
Robienie interesu życia November 2013
Startup Stage #6 September 2013
Startup Pirates May 2013
BOSS – Festiwal Biznesu April 2013
Startup Stage #3 March 2013
Startup Weekend Krakow February 2013
Entrepreneur from our School November 2011  May 2013
TEDxWrocławSalon Speaker
TEDxKraków Speaker October 2010
1996 Polish Ministry of Education – business perspectives at Soros Foundation Scholar orientation event I sometimes contribute to events as a panellist and speaker. Based on 30 years experience as an entrepreneur and activist.

Main areas I talk or teach about
entrepreneurship, leadership, investing. Smart cities, technology, startups, Social media, community management, All things TEDx related, Poland, Cambridge (UK)

If you want before contacting me, please read this


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