10th March 2017*

My “now” page introduces what I am working on now.

Read  “about me” here

Right now I am assembling documents to try to prove I am a worthy member of society, in preparation for my “citizenship” interview.

More generally I’m leading
TEDxKazimierz (main event 22nd April 2017) . It’s very demanding and very rewarding.
Krakow Enterprise Mondays  bringing together alumni who have gone into business and students who are interested in going into business.
Cambentrepreneurs   to support business and social entrepreneurship among alumni of Cambridge University and others Project Kazimierz  My podcast on innovation and entrepreneurship.
Open Coffee Krakow   successful well established efficient bi-weekly meeting for people who are trying to get things done.

I’m supporting
Krakow Standup Comedy and seeing how far I can go as a performer and the Krakow Startup Community

I accept invitations to speak and judge at events from time to time, but not unconditionally.  I often come back with a counter proposal. I’m always keen to make sure events I am bothering to go to work well, are fun and useful, and regard this  post about how to make events better as one of the more important articles I have ever written.

I receive request to invest in businesses quite often and always steer people to my article Questions from a Potential Investor first.

My family, friends and businesses are on going long term commitments. I am always engaged with them and won’t update my “now” page about what I am doing with them.

Richard Lucas

*The inspiration for this page is this  which I learned about from Derek Sivers, whose TED talk “How to start a movement” has had a lasting impact on my life.